Ungoverned Vendetta $9900 Australian Dollars. If you are on desktop you may be able to change the currency top right of your screen.


Best Electric Longboard 2023
The Vendetta comes completely assembled ready for TrAction
-1 x fitted swappable battery within the deck- Average run time 30 mins for a 75kilo rider on a flat track at an average speed of 20kms/hr.
-Top speed 50kms/hr.
-1 x Standard charger (5hr charge time for best battery health).
-Front & rear 2 x track drive,
-Independent Traction control,
-Includes IP67 rated remote featuring LCD speed, battery %, and more.
-Motors & electrics IP67 rated
-Vehicle weight is 28 kilos including battery.
-Convenient drop-and-charge wireless charger for the controller.
*Excludes lights for now, this option will be available later in the year. We are working toward it being an "add on" so you can retro fit to your existing order.

All chargers are custom built to suit voltage supply and wall socket of your individual countries.

Batteries are high quality Samsung Lithium Ion and include on board Battery Management Systems to guarantee your safety in use, charging and travel.

Q- Are these street legal?
A- You will need to determine that with your local laws, council & land owners. They are designed and recommended for use only off road & on soft and forgiving surfaces.

Q- I have never ridden a skateboard or snowboard or surfed or wakeboarded, will I be able to ride a Vendetta?
A- You will probably be fine with a little practice. The Vendetta cannot just roll out from under your feet.

The Vendetta does NOT do all the thinking and balancing for you, you will require balance, skill, judgement, flexibility, coordination, muscle core, a proper childhood playing outdoors and ideally in dirt.

This is not an electric snowboard, this is not an electric skateboard / longboard or non hovering hoverboard.

We are simply Ungoverned.

And we are here to push the boundaries of fun, adventure, human agility and mechanical & electrical engineering in a safe and respectful manner as we seek to explore further our awesome planet.