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The Ungoverned Vendetta’s

-A much lower centre of gravity at 125mm deck height.
-A huge reduction in weight from 99 pounds (45 kilos) down to 43 pounds (19.5 kilos) going from 4 stroke internal combustion to electric.
-An increased ground signature yet reduced frictional elements within the tracks, 
-4 x times the surface drive area of a motor cross bike, but just 20% of it’s weight,
-2 x track drive with variable front-to-rear traction control, 
-A central flex point with adjustable shock absorber including lock out to aid drifting, 
-Fast change/swap-out of central battery pack,
-100% waterproof vehicle and wireless controller,
-Convenient drop-and-charge wireless charger for the controller,
-Centrally mounted internal drive brushless hub motors within the drive rollers (proudly designed in house).
-Optional quick release interchangeable front assembly can be substituted for twin skis or board for constant snow and blades for ice.
-Optional front and rear independent suspension.
-Optional battery packs allowing ride duration ranging from 15 mins to 1hr.

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