We have a variety of exciting positions coming up, from short term contract to full time at our facility on the Coffs Coast of NSW, Australia.

-Carbon Fibre Composite Specialist.
-Aluminium Fabricator/Tig Welder.
-Industrial Designer CAD skilled.
-Runner- Pick up & drop off, general assistant.
-Social Media Manager/Cameras/Events.
-Electronic Engineer.
-Special Effects Technician ex-film wanted for your unlimited creativity.
-CNC Machinist.
-Molder- of manual & injection moulding experience.

But wait, there's more... just cause it is not listed here does not mean it does not exist. You may have a skill that we can grow here yeah? Let us know.

For all positions please shoot an email to info@ungoverned.com.au detailing your area of experience & more importantly area/level of passion for what we do here. You can also give us a call if you prefer?
Perhaps there is a position listed that you are not yet experienced in but want to get into, cool! We can teach all above positions but you must already love life, love the outdoors and always be enthusiastic.

Surfer, skater, snowboarder, dirt bike rider, wakeboarder, DH mtb? Competitive? Like racing? Like building stuff? Oh Yeahhhhh! Apply within.

A resume is great if you would like to email it across but not mandatory, we are more interested in what you want to become.
We are seeking those with similar interests to our own, those that are "good cultural fits" to compliment our team!