The patent pending Ungoverned Drifter is hand made and launching right now here in Coffs Harbour, Australia. Instead of the “Do you want fries with that” sales pitch I am building them with “the works” pre-installed. No up-sell.
So you get exactly what you see me riding in the videos. Full power, Head lights, Tail lights, Regenerative braking,  Mac/PC USB Connect- External Parameter Customisation, Brake ramping, Throttle ramping,


PRICE: $6750 AUD ($5160 USD)

SPEED: I weigh 75 kilos (165 lb) and the Drifter had me at around 40km/h (24M/h

VEHICLE WEIGHT: 21.6 kilos (47.6 lb)

CONTROL: Steering on the Drifter is achieved by weight transference similar to the method used on a skateboard. Forward Neutral and Braking are controlled via a compact hand held wireless transmitter which sends a signal to the vehicle’s on-board receiver.

POWER: The Drifter is 30 times more powerful than a street legal electric bicycle.
While ride time is getting longer, my intent is not to build a commuter, but, instead a vehicle that appeals to the real board riders. The Drifter optimally delivers energy to high performance electric motors via first class speed controllers & batteries without compromise.
The entire rear carriage of balls is powered and it also conducts 100% of the braking.

BRAKES: Braking is controlled via the compact hand held wireless transmitter which sends an instantaneous signal to the vehicle’s on-board receiver & speed controller. Braking is electric and is conducted upon the entire rear carriage of balls.

LIGHTS: The Drifter features LED head and tail lights that become active when the rider stands on the vehicle.

CUSTOMISABLE FEATURES: Both acceleration ramping and brake ramping are just some of the parameters that can be adjusted via a USB connection to a Mac or PC.

SAFETY: Having worked in Special Effects in Film for over a decade I can tell you the emphasis on “Safety First” has been engrained into both my work & the Ungoverned brand. The Drifter embodies a host of safety features from a “Fall-off-dead-man-switch” to “Blackout breaking” with ramping and delay options customisable to the rider’s weight.

TERRAIN: Safety first right, so off roads and away from cars is my best advice. ALLWAYS where a helmet and safety attire suited to your speed, ability and the terrain you are on. Don’t underestimate what can go wrong. Shit happens, be prepared.
This Drifter performs best on flat smooth surfaces but you will see in the video/s I am venturing toward the rougher environments with a firm objective to be able to descend a downhill mountain biking trail and then turn straight around and head back to the top.

THE VISION I am seeking 4 VIPs that truly understand my vision. It’s not just about a vehicle or a ride, its about an experience, a bunch of guys pushing the limits of both engineering and them selves. When I raced Downhill bikes, or went on social rides it was rounding a bend side by side with 8 other guys knocking elbows and brick sized rocks out of the way at 60+ clicks that really made me feel alive. Then the trail opens up and you hit the water bars at 80 clicks. Snowboarding was the same. A bunch of like minded individuals pushing one another’s limits, faster, higher, on the hunt for a good landing and building kickers. Ungoverned embodies all the above, the vehicle the brush, the planet the canvas. If you understand where I have been, and where I am taking this then I welcome you to Ungoverned. Lets paint.

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