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There are only a select few that I have invited here, my immediate family, long time friends, and those that I highly value for the development of Ungoverned.

As you know, the Vendetta retails at $9695.00.
But, I would like to offer you:
Purchase your vehicle for $6000.00 You will need to text me m0413099229 for your unique coupon code for this deal.
MATES RATES 2 “Pre-Seed Investor Deal”
Purchase your vehicle for $9695.00 and RECEIVE A BONUS SHAREHOLDING OF 0.1% (Terms and conditions apply).
Regardless of which option you choose, your vehicle will be delivered to you door in 90 days or less and comes with a 100% money back guarantee!
*The vehicles are not yet perfect, they are still in development and this is why I encourage the uptake of the investor deal as the more feedback you give us, the greater return you will get on your money.

So whether you want a vehicle to ride, to race, to put on a shelf to look at, or as an investment, I want you to know that I will not rest until you are satisfied!

You may ask the question, “How big is Ungoverned going to get?” Well I think of it like this:
How many surfboard manufacturers are there?
How many skateboard manufacturers are there?
How many snowboard manufacturers are there?
How many wakeboard manufacturers are there?
How many MX Bike manufacturers are there?
Now imagine a company with a product that embodies all the above!

Feel free to call me directly any time for further information.
Best regards,
Dan Baldwin

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