Ungoverned is a Coffs Harbour start-up company, we are conducting field trials and are seeking only 10 local riders/customers (Ungoverned Knights) visionaries that understand the vehicles are not going to be perfect on day one, but one day will be beyond perfect.

Your use of Ungoverned vehicles along with your feedback will allow for rapid prototyping right here on the Coffs Coast and result in you receiving updated components the moment they are developed, we will deliver them to your door and fit them for you.

With your purchase of an Ungoverned vehicle, you will be rewarded with a minor silent shareholding in Ungoverned Pty Ltd, this may only be available to 10 x local riders. (Note this is in no way a valuation of Ungoverned Pty Ltd).

We would love for you to join us on rides where we learn together the capabilities of these vehicles and push the boundaries of both ourselves and engineering.

There will be social rides, races, prizes, fun and games, so if you are keen for a good time…
be quick, get on board!

Wish to apply for the Ungoverned Knight program, first click here for Terms and Conditions then fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

Selected Value: 50

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