Ungoverned Hat

Say NO to nose melanomas with this stylish Ungoverned hat protecting your face from harsh moon rays, that’s right wear it at night. The nocturnal world have known for centuries the harmful effects lunar rays have on ones face. Fruit bats hang upside down to shield themselves from this effect. If only they had mum and dads credit card they could stand tall with pride and face the silvery side of that treacherous moon.

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Ungoverned Tee

The new range of Ungoverned garments include this tightly woven slimline “TEE” that hugs the curves of ones anatomy without restricting ones breath. It simply caresses my skin in a way I find dirty yet fresh. It’s playful, sexy and all together promiscuous with overtones of both control and anarchy, yet it still remains as innocent as the barefoot children who knitted it!

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