Inventors, one of the greatest challenges of your entire life will be inventing.
Who can help you? Who to trust? The inventor path can be a long and lonely road and one littered with hidden traps. You may be entering waters beyond your depth where “sharks” feast on the ill prepared.
When I started inventing (in the previous century) there was no support or direction and as a result I received my share of attacks. Fortunately I have come out the other side relatively unscathed.

Today, I work as an Inventor Coach & Consultant assisting fellow inventors get to market. You have an idea but don’t know how to move forward? Just give me a call.
You have a prototype or proof of concept, whats next? Just give me a call.
Scared someone wills steal your idea I get that but remember, there is only one way forward, you MUST ACT NOW and EVERY day. As you are driving home from work, think to yourself:  “What can I do right now to get to the next stage?”
If you are nervous about disclosing your idea then you should really speak to a lawyer or solicitor as soon as possible.

Right now I am coaching several inventors and entrepreneurs with a multitude of projects. 80% of them have built proof of concepts, prototypes & models in order to prove their idea works. This is important!!! 
If you just have an “idea” then you need to do a little work. Have you performed any patent searching yet? This can be expensive but before you do that, first: Jump onto Google, if you have invented a hat with an umbrella built into it and are convinced that yours is the only one on the planet then type in: “hat with umbrella” or “umbrella hat” then click on “images” and see what turns up.
If you see a thousand images of something similar then we have just saved you thousands of dollars on patent searching and attorney fees.
If nothing remotely similar to your idea turns up then you have come to the right place.
I am happy to speak with you and to sign your Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if you have one. If you don’t, then I suggest you first speak with your lawyer or solicitor and have one drawn up. You are going to need one if you are to move forward.
If you are a bit further along the inventor path and are thinking you don’t need any advice then thats cool and I wish you all the best but at least take this advice away with you:
At some point you are likely to sign a contract or agreement. Before you sign be sure to have an “exit clause” in your favour. For example, if the other party of your contract fail to:
1)  Achieve set goals,
2) Meet deadlines,
3) Negotiate certain partnerships,
4) Deliver dividends,
etc, then you have the right to “terminate the contract” you can even specify a “termination fee” to compensate you for lost income or time loss for a period of your patent.

And what ever the project you are undertaking I wish you the best of luck for having a crack at it!

Take care,
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