About Ungoverned

Without restrain.
Without hinderance.
Without limitation.
but never, without passion.

I have been designing and building an array of vehicles for board riders since 1994 and now in my 40’s, I’m more passionate then ever.
Today, like every day, my research continues and I am now working on a couple of vehicles at once including a 100% electric fully RC vehicle.
Durability is high so testing is more frequent. Onboard monitoring devices deliver instant feedback that dictates same day advancement.
Safety is always number one and to date there have been no accidents/injuries. As the vehicles become more stable the boundaries are pushed.
You saw the ramp at the end of Ungoverned 1 vid right? So you know where I am heading.

My dream? Well actually I have two:
1). Build a board without compromise, a board that exceeds yours and my own expectations. A board that is on a par with motocross bikes but lighter. One that is simply beyond all that I have done so far. It will soon debut!
2)… Ride it! race it!
If you like what I am doing here and have some kind of skill that you believe we could use at Ungoverned, please contact me I would love to hear from you.
There are job opportunities and contract roles in a number of areas from design to construct and testing. Lets play!

Thanks for visiting.
Best regards,
Dan Baldwin
Rider & Inventor,
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