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10 Aug | RACING

Racing the clock through the forest, rally style or 2 guys side by side no wait… make that 4…no 10… YEAH, 10 guys on open forest trail hit water bars at speed and with the new suspension we’ll be on the motocross tracks soon too.

The footage in Ungoverned 1 is slow I know, I’m kind of embarrassed to be honest. Probably because it was stuck in first gear the entire time, no seriously, it was. But we shot the film regardless and we got some great footage. The gearbox has since been sorted and I am very excited to ride again ASAP.

WOOOOOO HOOO feels sooooo good. Big BIG thanks to Ian Brown at Geoff King Motors and to Holden of course. Had to DRAG the lads out of the Colorado in the end!

So whats next?

That’s difficult to say, so much I want to say yet, so much I just can’t but I can assure you, you’re going to like what’s around the bend.

Chat soon,

2 Responses to RACING

  1. I want one. Make that three. Looks mad Darnell

    • I want one too, races on the moto track!

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